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A Bit Like Balaam’s Ass

I have often heard it said that if God could make himself heard through Balaam’s ass, he could make himself heard through anything.  But this is getting ridiculous. My last two weeks were spent at Northern Seminary, walking students through nuances of the Chronicles of Narnia as they illustrate human sin and struggle and god-like grace.  The picture… Continue reading A Bit Like Balaam’s Ass

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As A Watchman Who Waits

“I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I hope.”   Mary waited, as a sword swings constantly before her, and the frantic mother and father looking for a lost twelve-year-old find him unapologetically residing in his Father’s house.  Martha and Mary waited for their friend and Lord to come heal their… Continue reading As A Watchman Who Waits

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Choose Wisely

The ropes I used had colored ends: green, red, yellow, black, blue, purple.  Last weekend’s women’s retreat was an exploration into the matters of the heart that are riding just beneath our planners and online calendars.  Each color represented a different kind of commitment that pulls at our hearts.  In a very diverse group, what… Continue reading Choose Wisely

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Double Meanings

We know only three things about her: she was on her 6th man (with whom marriage was apparently not an option), she was at the well with her water jar at high noon, and she was a Samaritan. But I think we can imagine one more thing: she was lonely.  Intensely lonely.  I have now lived… Continue reading Double Meanings

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I was talking to a younger friend yesterday who, in spite of careful stewarding of his financial resources, encountered tax bills this spring that completely wiped a fairly healthy savings account.  We spoke of the raw fear that comes when, in spite of our best efforts, we find ourselves in moments of financial insecurity, and… Continue reading Drenched