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I was talking to a younger friend yesterday who, in spite of careful stewarding of his financial resources, encountered tax bills this spring that completely wiped a fairly healthy savings account.  We spoke of the raw fear that comes when, in spite of our best efforts, we find ourselves in moments of financial insecurity, and… Continue reading Drenched

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Gatorade (Discernment Part 1)

My son began playing T-Ball when he was four years old. For two un-self-conscious years he would come running over to me with a quick, "Mommy, I'm thirsty." I'd hand him a bottle of water and off he'd go. But by age six, the television ads had accomplished their goal: "Mom, I have to have… Continue reading Gatorade (Discernment Part 1)

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Not Nice Water (Psalm 42/43)

The rocky northern Atlantic coast, while majestic, is not a swimmer’s paradise. The rocks on the “open side” are particularly high and jagged, and the water that crashes against them is deadly cold. On Monhegan, an island off the coast of Maine, no one who has fallen into the icy water on the open side of the island has ever… Continue reading Not Nice Water (Psalm 42/43)

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Tasting Wisdom

This fall I am teaching a study from Labor Day to Thanksgiving on Christian wisdom. I have been intrigued by various reactions to this topic as it has come up in the recent past. “I am teaching a class on Christian wisdom... “ “So, you are going to teach on Proverbs?” “No, I am going to teach on wisdom.… Continue reading Tasting Wisdom