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Letter to a Traumatized Friend

Dear One, By the time you get this note you will be about half-way through the trauma program.  You are missed, my dear friend! Something happened with my rescue puppy, Samwise, this morning that reminded me, again, of the effects of trauma.  I used to put his food in a bowl under the utility sink in the… Continue reading Letter to a Traumatized Friend

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Just Under the Surface

I first discovered the “desert fathers” in Henri Nouwen’s little book, The Way of the Heart.  His book was a such a gentle beginning to what I continue to find as a deeply Biblical, existentially honest look at the interior life.  Nouwen did not speak, as the Desert Fathers did, about the “demons” in my soul.   Rather, he spoke… Continue reading Just Under the Surface

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A Bit Like Balaam’s Ass

I have often heard it said that if God could make himself heard through Balaam’s ass, he could make himself heard through anything.  But this is getting ridiculous. My last two weeks were spent at Northern Seminary, walking students through nuances of the Chronicles of Narnia as they illustrate human sin and struggle and god-like grace.  The picture… Continue reading A Bit Like Balaam’s Ass

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No Glass Ceiling

No Glass Ceiling, an audio blog with Carla Waterman A spiritual desert affords the undistracted time and space to recognize and confront temptation, whether from cultural messages, our own vulnerabilities, or in the enemy of our souls.   But the desert provides another opportunity: it is a fiery place where our desires can be purified.  Jesus… Continue reading No Glass Ceiling

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A Bonsai of Righteousness

When I was teaching in Thailand, we called them “Teak of Righteousness”–Oaks are not native to Thai soil. But this morning I found myself praying with a wry smile and said to the Lord, “If you are making me a Bonsai of righteousness, I will not fight you.” My life has been pruned back so… Continue reading A Bonsai of Righteousness