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No Glass Ceiling

No Glass Ceiling, an audio blog with Carla Waterman A spiritual desert affords the undistracted time and space to recognize and confront temptation, whether from cultural messages, our own vulnerabilities, or in the enemy of our souls.   But the desert provides another opportunity: it is a fiery place where our desires can be purified.  Jesus… Continue reading No Glass Ceiling

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A Bonsai of Righteousness

When I was teaching in Thailand, we called them “Teak of Righteousness”–Oaks are not native to Thai soil. But this morning I found myself praying with a wry smile and said to the Lord, “If you are making me a Bonsai of righteousness, I will not fight you.” My life has been pruned back so… Continue reading A Bonsai of Righteousness

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April Dew

Earlier this month I found myself standing in front of a group of women introducing my long-time colleague in ministry, Reggie Kidd.  In attempting to set the context, I quoted the beginning of Psalm 133: “ Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers (and sisters) dwell together in unity.”  And I was reminded of the… Continue reading April Dew

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Last March I had the incredible privilege of staying in a 14th century Pele tower in Northumbria.  It’s bay-shaped windows faced north toward Scotland in a tower that was originally intended to protect the family fortress from marauders from the north. Unfortunately, it could not protect me from the tiny marauders within.  I’m quite allergic to… Continue reading Breathe

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Christ as Our Shield

Yesterday noon found me sitting in a local diner with one of my “girls.” (My "girls” are women who were students of mine at Wheaton College somewhere in the 90’s.)  She is not, of course, a girl anymore, but a lovely young woman in her 30’s with a passion for the Lord and compassion for… Continue reading Christ as Our Shield

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A Real Battle

A few years ago I found myself having sustained one of those sickening, confusing, fearful spiritual attacks for which one is completely unprepared. I could only describe it as a poisonous arrow…and then I thought of Paul’s “flaming darts of the evil one” at the end of Ephesians.  Perhaps Paul was not just painting a nice word… Continue reading A Real Battle