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Just Under the Surface

I first discovered the “desert fathers” in Henri Nouwen’s little book, The Way of the Heart.  His book was a such a gentle beginning to what I continue to find as a deeply Biblical, existentially honest look at the interior life.  Nouwen did not speak, as the Desert Fathers did, about the “demons” in my soul.   Rather, he spoke… Continue reading Just Under the Surface

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Welcome to the Wilderness

Even though I love nature, I’m not much of a camper.  I still remember the night when I was about eight, lying in a tent in a “beautiful” site we had procured rather late in the day somewhere in the Rockies …only to discover the site had not been previously taken for an excellent reason: trains… Continue reading Welcome to the Wilderness

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Transformed by 40

They wandered forty years in the desert, those Israelites who failed the test of belief in the God who raised up Moses, delivered them from the hand of Pharaoh, made bitter water sweet, fed them with manna, gave them the Law and instructions for a Tabernacle so they would know precisely where they could find… Continue reading Transformed by 40

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Mountains, Valleys and Deserts

And I was wondering if you had been to the mountain,Looked at the valley below;Did you see all the roads tangled down in the valley?Did you know which way to go?Well, the mountain streams run pure and clearand wish to mv soul could alwavs be hereBut there's a reason for livin' way down in the… Continue reading Mountains, Valleys and Deserts

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Posture of Repentance

Our souls are created to look “up and out,” not “down and in.” One of the important implications of this reality is how we come to understand the mess inside, and then what to do with it. If “down and in” is a place where self talks to self, it is a closed system. I go on talking and… Continue reading Posture of Repentance