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As one who has lived through the shapes of many seasons, I find it helpful to reassess the particular shape of my life every now and again. I experience my life in this season as Worship Accompanist and Practical Theologian, with the added fun of occasional Voice Recording.

I have leaned into my earliest vocation to play piano as a support to others. I have returned as an active accompanist and collaborative musician since 2015, and have enjoyed a lovely role as the Worship Accompanist at Advent Lutheran Church since January, 2018. In Lent 2023 I am also teaching an Adult Forum on Dwelling in Christ: very much enjoying my return to teaching practical theology after some years away.

My sister Pam and I are working on a project on Creative Wisdom on the far side of Songs of Assent. We’ve been pondering it together for the past ten years, but new pieces keep coming and we’re going to try and do something with it soon…A book? A podcast…Stay tuned! I’ve also started to write a regular column for the Association of Lutheran Church Musician’s magazine, InTempo. It’s called SymbolSong, and I will be taking a hymn and pulling out symbols within it to help congregations sing their music with greater understanding. I am enjoying the connections between InTempo’s editor, Linda Borecki, who is a close friend and former student at the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies, and the collaboration with Pam, who is illustrating the symbol for each issue.

I have recently finished co-teaching a course called Exile and Empire for the Northumbria Community‘s School for Monastic Living. My partner, Peter McDowell, a theologian from Belfast, Ireland, and I, will have finished three sessions of this rich and rather intense course. I have found such joy in collaborative teaching again!

In the midst of life and several moves, I fear I have lost touch with some of my friends. If you like to reconnect–or perhaps connect for the first time–please contact me!

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