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Anything But Imaginary

I remember standing in front of a class of Wheaton students over a decade ago and saying, “Having ‘a personal relationship with Jesus is easy to talk about, but is often the very reality we struggle to step into.”  And I found myself saying something similar to a class of seminarians just last week. At… Continue reading Anything But Imaginary

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Double Meanings

We know only three things about her: she was on her 6th man (with whom marriage was apparently not an option), she was at the well with her water jar at high noon, and she was a Samaritan. But I think we can imagine one more thing: she was lonely.  Intensely lonely.  I have now lived… Continue reading Double Meanings

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Praying with Blocks

“Lord, it is like this...” What would our prayers be like if we were free to be honest with God? No flowery words, no undigested churchy images. Just honest. I’ve been teaching a course on intercessory prayer through the lenses of gospel stories where friends bring friends to Jesus. The father with a child writhing on the ground, who… Continue reading Praying with Blocks