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Christ as Our Shield

Yesterday noon found me sitting in a local diner with one of my “girls.” (My "girls” are women who were students of mine at Wheaton College somewhere in the 90’s.)  She is not, of course, a girl anymore, but a lovely young woman in her 30’s with a passion for the Lord and compassion for… Continue reading Christ as Our Shield

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Do the Next Thing

I have been watching some new bushes pass through autumn.  They held their leaves longer than the cousins next to them, and turned a mellow shade of gold before becoming barren twigs for the winter.  On the other side of the garden is a bush that is still brilliant red.  Today I wished that I had more than… Continue reading Do the Next Thing

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Repainting the Portrait

Last week I met separately with two young women. Both are in their 20's, both are in serious dating relationships, both desire to "do this right," -and both see themselves and their beloved through the distorted lenses of difficult backgrounds. While the nature of their concerns were radically different, but their fear was so similar.… Continue reading Repainting the Portrait

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A Merciful Silence (Zechariah Part 1)

Resignation is a soul-deadening, light-obscuring posture of the soul. There is a hopeless inevitability in it that slowly shuts the door to God's comforting light. When Zechariah the priest entered the temple to burn incense that day a double-portion of resignation is residing in his soul. As an Israelite, he is the member of a… Continue reading A Merciful Silence (Zechariah Part 1)

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Zechariah’s Song (Zechariah Part 2)

His name is John...that caused a stir—and then it got even more interesting. Nine months of silence had been very good for Zechariah’s soul. And when he opened his mouth, his words had not a trace of doubt left in them. He blesses God. “And fear came on all their neighbors.” It would be the the normal response to… Continue reading Zechariah’s Song (Zechariah Part 2)

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Our Sun and Shield

This morning I sat out in my garden–well, to be accurate, I sat bundled up in my garden, with a crocheted shawl flung around my head, a tartan plaid enveloping my shoulders and a old fleecy blanket tucked around my knees. But I was IN my garden, hearing the birds, feeling the wind, enjoying the beauty of a long-yearned… Continue reading Our Sun and Shield

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Uninvited Solitude

I've had an uninvited visitor in my home for the past several days. She isn't visible to anyone but God and me. Her visit began with a rather unwelcome, but much needed, departure. Nearly two weeks ago my husband dropped everything to be with his ailing mother across the country. My son is here, but… Continue reading Uninvited Solitude