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A Merciful Silence (Zechariah Part 1)

Resignation is a soul-deadening, light-obscuring posture of the soul. There is a hopeless inevitability in it that slowly shuts the door to God's comforting light. When Zechariah the priest entered the temple to burn incense that day a double-portion of resignation is residing in his soul. As an Israelite, he is the member of a… Continue reading A Merciful Silence (Zechariah Part 1)

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Zechariah’s Song (Zechariah Part 2)

His name is John...that caused a stir—and then it got even more interesting. Nine months of silence had been very good for Zechariah’s soul. And when he opened his mouth, his words had not a trace of doubt left in them. He blesses God. “And fear came on all their neighbors.” It would be the the normal response to… Continue reading Zechariah’s Song (Zechariah Part 2)

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Stranded In Time (Zechariah Part 3)

Four hundred years. In the particular span between Malachi and the birth of Jesus, there was a great deal of land conquering and dominating afoot. The vast conquest by Alexander the Great was followed a century or so later by the domination of Julius Caesar. In the east, China began to build its Great Wall. Virgil, Dante’s literary companion… Continue reading Stranded In Time (Zechariah Part 3)