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No Glass Ceiling

No Glass Ceiling, an audio blog with Carla Waterman A spiritual desert affords the undistracted time and space to recognize and confront temptation, whether from cultural messages, our own vulnerabilities, or in the enemy of our souls.   But the desert provides another opportunity: it is a fiery place where our desires can be purified.  Jesus… Continue reading No Glass Ceiling

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The God Who Sees

Hagar fled from Sarai when her mistress's treatment was too hard to bear. David and his servants fled Jerusalem after Absalom stole the people's hearts. Elijah fled from Jezebel with her threats ringing in his ears. And I have tried to flee from the enemies lodging in my mind. Sometimes the wilderness is the only… Continue reading The God Who Sees

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Transformed by 40

They wandered forty years in the desert, those Israelites who failed the test of belief in the God who raised up Moses, delivered them from the hand of Pharaoh, made bitter water sweet, fed them with manna, gave them the Law and instructions for a Tabernacle so they would know precisely where they could find… Continue reading Transformed by 40

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Kindred Temptations

I spent a delightful evening last weekend with a new friend. We found we had many things in common, but huge among them was a particular vocational path. Both of us had started adulthood driven and quite successful. And all these years later our lives were much simpler, and not particularly impressive by cultural standards.… Continue reading Kindred Temptations

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Mountains, Valleys and Deserts

And I was wondering if you had been to the mountain,Looked at the valley below;Did you see all the roads tangled down in the valley?Did you know which way to go?Well, the mountain streams run pure and clearand wish to mv soul could alwavs be hereBut there's a reason for livin' way down in the… Continue reading Mountains, Valleys and Deserts