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I've never desired the approval of everyone. Just selected others, others who, in my eyes, really matter. But in conforming to what it takes to retain their approval, I become a distorted image bearer of my God. I wish I could say it has happened only once. C.S. Lewis calls this condition “bentness.” When I assume this bent… Continue reading Bent

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Tell Me Your Sorrows

"I must be the unluckiest boy in the world." So thought Shasta, as he found himself walking next to yet another lion. He was lost in the darkness, alone on a lonely path, and accompanied only by the rhythmic breathing of a large lion. "Tell me your sorrows," said the Lion. And so Shasta told… Continue reading Tell Me Your Sorrows

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There is No Other Way

We meet Jill Poole in a moment not unlike Martha’s first encounter with Jesus. While controlling Martha encounters an unmoveable Lord, foolish Jill encounters an unmoveable Lion. Her offence? Showing off at the end of a cliff until her friend, Digory, fell over trying to rescue her. A huge, bright coloured animal bounded up and blew with his… Continue reading There is No Other Way