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Longing for Home

Earlier this week I was sitting on a bench in an outdoor shopping mall just before twilight. Around my feet crowded over a dozen sparrows, picking at the edges of the paving stones, tenaciously attempting to find some undiscovered crumbs in hidden cracks. I thought of the countless sparrows that regularly inhabit my backyard, emptying… Continue reading Longing for Home

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Our Sun and Shield

This morning I sat out in my garden–well, to be accurate, I sat bundled up in my garden, with a crocheted shawl flung around my head, a tartan plaid enveloping my shoulders and a old fleecy blanket tucked around my knees. But I was IN my garden, hearing the birds, feeling the wind, enjoying the beauty of a long-yearned… Continue reading Our Sun and Shield

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Tasting and Longing (Psalm 84)

I can't find the taste I remember. For several months my colleagues and I would gather at a mentor's home where she served us her favorite tea. It was the cleanest, deepest flavor I had ever tasted. I drank my first and last cup of this tea over twenty-five years ago. I've been looking for… Continue reading Tasting and Longing (Psalm 84)