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Letter to a Traumatized Friend

Dear One, By the time you get this note you will be about half-way through the trauma program.  You are missed, my dear friend! Something happened with my rescue puppy, Samwise, this morning that reminded me, again, of the effects of trauma.  I used to put his food in a bowl under the utility sink in the… Continue reading Letter to a Traumatized Friend

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Those Little Beasties (A Theology of Ticks)

Samwise at the beach My rescue puppy, Samwise, is now a year old. His coat has grown into something between a Poodle and a Maltese-very thick and curly. His personality is marked by much creative mischief and an insatiable desire to roll on his back in our backyard. I can deal with the missing slipper… Continue reading Those Little Beasties (A Theology of Ticks)