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Welcome to the Wilderness

Even though I love nature, I’m not much of a camper.  I still remember the night when I was about eight, lying in a tent in a “beautiful” site we had procured rather late in the day somewhere in the Rockies …only to discover the site had not been previously taken for an excellent reason: trains… Continue reading Welcome to the Wilderness

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Anything But Imaginary

I remember standing in front of a class of Wheaton students over a decade ago and saying, “Having ‘a personal relationship with Jesus is easy to talk about, but is often the very reality we struggle to step into.”  And I found myself saying something similar to a class of seminarians just last week. At… Continue reading Anything But Imaginary

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April Dew

Earlier this month I found myself standing in front of a group of women introducing my long-time colleague in ministry, Reggie Kidd.  In attempting to set the context, I quoted the beginning of Psalm 133: “ Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers (and sisters) dwell together in unity.”  And I was reminded of the… Continue reading April Dew

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As A Watchman Who Waits

“I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I hope.”   Mary waited, as a sword swings constantly before her, and the frantic mother and father looking for a lost twelve-year-old find him unapologetically residing in his Father’s house.  Martha and Mary waited for their friend and Lord to come heal their… Continue reading As A Watchman Who Waits

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Last March I had the incredible privilege of staying in a 14th century Pele tower in Northumbria.  It’s bay-shaped windows faced north toward Scotland in a tower that was originally intended to protect the family fortress from marauders from the north. Unfortunately, it could not protect me from the tiny marauders within.  I’m quite allergic to… Continue reading Breathe

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Choose Wisely

The ropes I used had colored ends: green, red, yellow, black, blue, purple.  Last weekend’s women’s retreat was an exploration into the matters of the heart that are riding just beneath our planners and online calendars.  Each color represented a different kind of commitment that pulls at our hearts.  In a very diverse group, what… Continue reading Choose Wisely

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Christ as Our Shield

Yesterday noon found me sitting in a local diner with one of my “girls.” (My "girls” are women who were students of mine at Wheaton College somewhere in the 90’s.)  She is not, of course, a girl anymore, but a lovely young woman in her 30’s with a passion for the Lord and compassion for… Continue reading Christ as Our Shield